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Proudly serving Northern California and Nevada since 1981. We appreciate your feedback, but we're a family page - un-family-friendly words will be deleted.

Sunnyside Farms and Bayview Farms products are produced using approximately 50 Million Gallons (430 Million lbs) of California Milk. We have stores in Nevada; therefore, we also support farmers in that region.

Our milk is purchased from Dairy Farmers of America and Producer's Dairy and is only from cows NOT treated with the artificial growth hormone rBST.*

We were one of the first conventional processors in the country to require this from our farmers.

Our Quality Standards are set higher than both State and Federal Regulations require. It is truly “Quality you can taste!”

We produce our products to order; therefore, the freshness of our products is superb. From farm to store in usually under 48 hours

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